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The Types Of Supplements Every Vegan Should Have In Their Diet


The vegan life might seem like a tough road to travel for many. If you are now beginning the journey, welcome. It can be very rewarding. The main thing to keep straight is that there are quite a number of foods that are absolutely off limits, consisting largely of foods that come from animals, substituted by those that originate from a plant source. 


You will need to have a deep love for vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, pastas and so on for this undertaking to move along smoothly and not feel like a weight upon your shoulders, dreading the next meal. By no means should you feel like you’re missing out as vegan alternatives can be prepared deliciously. The ultimate purpose of food is for health but when the way you have chosen to nourish the body does not deliver the recommended daily doses of key vitamins and nutrients, further action is needed.  


Supplements contain vitamins and minerals that make the body smile. Right now, you may require one or more of the following.

Get Those Fats!



Omega 3 fatty acids are so important. These are the good fats your body requires to do everything from maintaining the integrity of your brain and eye functions to reducing your risk for cancer of the breast and heart diseases. 


Your daily meals need to contain a sufficient amount of ALA,  alpha linoleic acid, which your system is unable to produce itself so that DHA and EPA can be synthesized from it. Most people associate these fats with fish but there are other healthy sources of these fats such as avocados, walnuts and flax seeds. Approximately two to three hundred milligrams is suggested for every day consumption. 


Since vegans generally tend to have lower EPA and DHA levels than those who eat animal products, omega 3 supplementation is recommended. For example at, you can find completely plant based omega 3 that has been formed from the algae that gives fish its high omega concentration. It contains none of the common triggers of allergic reactions like gluten and seafood and is continually tested for the presence of heavy metals. Furthermore, the algae collected is done in a manner that does not result in the compromising of marine life.


Level Up Your Iron and B-12


This is another critical component of a healthy functioning body. Once again, vegans may get the short end of the stick and register much lower levels of B12 than their fellow meat eaters, which in extreme cases, can lead to anaemia and dysfunction of the nervous system.


Be not perturbed. Consult your physician to find out your iron and B2 levels. If they are low, begin increasing your consumption of nutritional yeast, seaweed and fortified foods. These on their own may not be sufficient to correct the lack and so supplementation becomes necessary. Aim for ingesting between twenty five and one hundred micrograms daily. 


Over the age of 50? Then whether you have adopted the vegan lifestyle or not, supplements become necessary as the body has greater difficulty with absorption of this vitamin.


Iron is present in many foods from plants. The darker the leafy veggies, the better. Fortified and enriched foods are also high in iron. Pairing your meal with a glass of fruit juice will help more of this component to be absorbed. Instead of assuming there is a deficiency, visit your healthcare provider. Iron In excess can have disastrous impacts like coma and organ failure.

Balance of Nature, a health supplement company, provides an array of products to help bridge the nutritional gaps in your diet, no matter your age or dietary preferences.

Sunlight Or Supplements?



There are steps you can take to ensure that you are doing the most for your body where diet is concerned. In addition to eating green and healthful meals, it is advised to increase the amount of vitamin D your body is exposed to. This can be done through sunlight. Some doctors say at least fifteen minutes should cover your daily dose, others warn against extended sun exposure for risk of being harmed by UV rays. 


By way of food cannot be totally trusted either as many foodstuffs naturally lack this key vitamin.


To err on the safe side, supplement your way to the necessary dosage of vitamin D2 or D3. Vitamin D is needed to promote and regulate the absorption of phosphorus and calcium which is proven as essential for strong teeth and bones but also impacts memory. 


Don’t Forget Zinc

This is a nutrient people hardly remember exists, much less pay attention to filling. But zinc is quite critical for functions of immunity and reparation of damaged tissues and cells. Just imagine a wound taking forever to heal. You guessed it, may well be linked to zinc insufficiency. Approximately 10 milligrams will cover the need for adults who are not pregnant or breastfeeding. In those cases, the recommended daily average increases. 


Eat more whole grains, and soak your beans and nuts before eating. This could help. Phytates, compounds found in many of the foods you would consume, however, decrease this vitamin’s absorption. So if what you eat works against itself, what’s your best bet? Turn to supplements that will, based on your need, undoubtedly cover anywhere from fifty to one hundred percent of the daily goal.




Have you been sufficiently convinced to give supplements a try? It is not advisable that you decide this on your own. Be sure to visit your doctor, express your concerns and have your levels of various vitamins and minerals checked. Based on those results, you will be guided as to if and how much supplementation is necessary. 


Too little is bad. Many diseases and malfunctions can occur within the body. Taken in excess, dysfunction will also happen. A delicate balance needs to be reached. 


And don’t feel frustrated with your choice of following a vegan lifestyle either. Your omnivore counterparts have their fair share of deficiencies to be concerned about, in many cases, very similar to those you combat. You see, supplements are not just for this group or that, across the board all adults at some point in their lives will need these to bolster certain bodily functions.




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