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Home Design Tips: How To Choose The Right Wall Art For Your Livingroom

Wall Art Makes Your House More Stylish And Inviting


When you want to decorate your living room, wall art can be the icing on the cake. It draws attention from everyone who enters it and gives a theme to the place. Though for some people choosing wall art can be a time-consuming process as it involves finding a source where you can buy it, purchasing it online, and hanging it on the wall, the final look that your living room will get will totally be worth the effort. 


Bear in mind that there are no set rules when it comes to adorning your living room with different elements. The below instructions can help you select wall art that fits the theme of your living room. 




Size Of The Wall Art


The size of the wall art is an important and initial factor to consider. Not only do you have to know the size of the art prints you want but also the empty space on the wall wherein you will mount it. If both the size doesn’t match then the whole outlook will totally be thrown off balance. When you shoot for wall art online, you can easily filter the options by size. You can also decorate the room with multiple pieces of art of different sizes. For this to work, first, start with the largest piece of art and then follow it up with smaller ones. 

Style Of The Wall Art


Once you have analyzed the size you need as per the empty space you have, the next step is to decide on the style you are looking for. Remember this will play a key role in creating a focal point. Your home will probably be established in a particular style so you will have to make sure you select an art accordingly. You can choose from themes like minimalist, nature, abstract, and clothes as there is always something that will catch your eye. Modern houses prefer more black and white wall arts whereas coastal ones prefer beachy tones. Another point to keep in mind when selecting the art is to make sure it matches the existing color theme of your home and not clashes against it. 

Theme Of Wall Art


The distinct theme that you select when you get the interior design laid out for your house plays a role in all the elements that will follow to further adorn it. The theme of your home will define which wall arts will look best. Choosing one without considering the theme of the living room will be more of an eye-sore for you to look at as it will stand out from the rest of the place. For example, if the theme of your living room is more beachy than bright contemporary artwork is a complete no-no. You should opt for more light and neutral tones of wall arts with gentle hues of blues or greens


Finally, keep in mind that the right wall art can make a huge difference to the visual appeal of your living room. It will set the tone and help to reinforce whatever feeling you are trying to evoke through it. So make sure you take all the factors into consideration properly to make the best out of it. 



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