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7 Essential Farming Tools And Their Uses

Agriculture! Long hours and low-profit margins make it challenging at the best of times and stress-inducing at the worst. Nevertheless, it is a vital and noble occupation essential for the survival of a country’s fortunes. Fortunately, a large industry exists that designs and creates useful farming tools and equipment, but that can make your lives easier. This post will cover a variety of equipment ranging from crop farming to livestock farming. Agriculture is a notoriously demanding profession.



  • Corn Yield Calculator

Growing crops like corn can be nail-biting when you don’t know how the season will be and how much you can sell. The only accurate technique to understand where you stand is to calculate an estimate on what your yield should be and, therefore, how much profit you can gain from it. Although this might sound like an impossible task, you can use a corn yield calculator specially designed to provide you with an accurate yield number. These calculators allow you to estimate what yield you expect to attain before the harvest begins. You will want to do this to plan your budget in advance rather than do it on the fly as you are harvesting.



  • Tractor 

Any list of farming equipment wouldn’t be complete with the humble tractor. While you might not consider this a tool in the traditional sense of the word, it is a device that is vital for almost every farming operation. Furthermore, there are several attachments that you can add which further increase its usefulness:


  • Loader: The quintessential tractor attachment is the front or rear loader. This is used for a variety of tasks and is helpful in any farm setting. It doesn’t matter if you farm crops or livestock; you should always have a loader on hand.
  • Rotary cutter: This is primarily useful when you have large areas of overgrown, weed-infested land that you need to process. You attach it to the front of the tractor and get to work shredding through the overgrowth.
  • Belly mower: Unlike rotary cutters, belly mowers are attached to the underside of your tractor and used to mow the grass. You might want to use one of these to keep grazing fields maintained to a certain level.
  • Posthole digger: Every farm needs fences. Fences need posts. Posts require holes to be placed inside. Manually digging the holes is not possible for a farm of any considerable size. A posthole digging attachment will make your life much easier. It is typically attached to the tractor’s rear and can be used for other hole digging duties that require deep, narrow openings.
  • Rotary tiller: If you are planting seeds, this attachment is a must. You attach it to the rear of your tractor, and it rotates as you move forward, breaking up the dirt, getting it level and ready for the seeds.
  • Broadcast Spreader: This implement is used to spread seed, lime, fertilizer, salt, sand, and other materials. It’s quick and efficient to spread these seeds all over the ground using a spreader.


  • Automatic Gate Openers

This choice is most helpful to farmers who deal with livestock. These devices have sensors that open and shut a gate allowing or blocking entry to the following compound. Shearing season for a sheep farmer, for example, means that you must control the entrance to the shearing paddock. When you’re on your own or with a small group, this can be tricky because sheep are pretty onerous at the best of times. Therefore, an automated gate could be the best tool for you. These automatic gates are used for sheep but can be used for various livestock and use cases.

  • Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV)

This is in the same category as the tractor. It isn’t a tool per se, but it is essential to most farm operations. A UTV is like an ATV, except that it is more car-like and more practical in terms of what you can carry. In other words, it has the go-anywhere capability of an ATV but the usefulness of a pickup truck. They make it possible for you to move around the farm efficiently and affordably, as well as respond to emergencies more quickly. 


They are far cheaper than using your truck to get around (they usually use a small four-stroke engine that is pretty frugal on the fuel). They are also quicker to respond to emergencies because they can go anywhere. Suppose you hear about a fire and you want to get to the fire. You can throw your tools into the back and head to the fire. Even if you need further assistance, having you there to begin the fire control can be the difference between a significant loss or a small one.


  • Livestock Trailer

This tool is another livestock-specific tool but a vital one nonetheless. If you deal with animals, you will inevitably need to transport them around either the farm or to customers. They are specially designed to attach easily to your truck and allow enough room to afford the animals some comfort during transit. Livestock trailers are helpful for many other purposes besides hauling livestock. In addition to hauling hay, firewood, tools, and wood, you can also use it to transport additional materials or equipment. A small bumper trailer made for horses would be an excellent place to start if you want to save money. They are not as helpful as the larger models, but they are a good start. It is worth practicing before driving them on the road.

  • Portable Generator

At times you will have to power something to get the job done when you are away from your primary power source. A generator is helpful in such situations. When it comes to power, you can never have enough. That’s why portable generators are so important. They provide a convenient, safe and quiet source of electricity that’s always there when you need it.



  • Laptop

Bet you didn’t see this one coming! Nonetheless, a robust laptop that you can bring along with you is an essential tool that you can use to calculate costs, keep itineraries on everything, and essentially maintain your entire farm. Backups are necessary in case it gets damaged.


Various tools and equipment exist that allow farmers to improve their workflow and reduce costs. These can range from machinery like tractors to yield calculators that enable better crop management.


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