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Will there be any Mississippi Online Casinos?

Online gambling is growing extremely quickly within the USA. With some of the most popular brick-and-mortar casinos in the country, it makes sense that players want to know more about what Mississippi has to offer for those playing online. We’ve taken a close look at the laws within the state, and suggest what players can expect in the future. 

Is Online Gambling Legal in Mississippi?

At the moment, online gambling isn’t legal to players in Mississippi. Players don’t have the option to play at online casinos within the state. While the state laws don’t refer to gambling directly in terms of what is available, the state regulator makes it explicitly clear on its website that online gambling isn’t legal inside the state. So, it means that players can’t enjoy online casinos like those we see in New Jersey.

This is only so strict in relation to online casinos. Online sportsbooks are actually slightly more lenient. However, they aren’t that lenient in the grand scheme of things. Players are able to place bets using a sports betting app, but this is only the case if they are located in the sportsbook of a brick-and-mortar casino. So, if they’re situated outside of the sports betting venue, then they’re not able to place wagers on the app. It means that sports betting fans have pretty much the same issues as other online gamblers in Mississippi.

What is Available in the State?

At the moment, players are only able to play at brick-and-mortar casinos. These have recently added sports betting options to players, which obviously included the ability to bet using an app on the premises. It means that any players who want to bet online don’t have the ability to do so legally. However, as is often the case, there are ways to get around this problem.

Players who want to bet using online casinos or sportsbooks within Mississippi can use offshore sites. However, it should be noted that these sites aren’t legal, and there is an increased risk in place when doing so. While it’s unlikely that the state government will prosecute players who play there, if you’re found to be playing from inside Mississippi, then you may well have to forfeit your winnings. This is especially the case if the site lays this out in its terms and conditions. 

So, when it comes to playing in a safe and secure manner, the only option that’s really available to players is to visit the brick-and-mortar site. It does mean that there are limitations in place for players in Mississippi that other neighbouring states don’t have to worry about. 

For players who want safer access to online gambling, there is always the opportunity to travel to a state nearby that does offer this service. However, unless you live on a state line, it does mean that you will have to travel quite far in order to do this. This in turn, does remove some of the convenience of playing online. 

Is it Likely to Change in the Future?

To put it simply, at this moment in time it’s not likely to change. The state doesn’t appear to be particularly receptive to offering online gambling to players. This means that online players will continue to have poor options available to them. It is quite surprising, due to the revenue that online gambling has created in other states. Many states have been able to increase investment in infrastructure, and get a lot of benefits from online gambling taxes. 

If this continues to happen in the long-term, then it’s likely that Mississippi will have a change of heart at some point. However, at this moment in time, there are no signs that this is likely to be the case. It is slightly disappointing as it will lead to more players using riskier methods to play at online casinos. As such, the protection for players within the state will be a lot lower, and the state will be missing out on a significant portion of tax revenues.

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