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Casino Advantage Gambling Explained for Beginners

As open as casinos are, it might be a shock to you that only a tiny percentage of players really make money from gambling. Learning all the strategies in the world does not guarantee that you will make long-term profits from online casinos. Looking for such a strategy, some players reveal that they even need to start with an overall guide on how to start playing at online casinos.


The truth is that everything is rigged against players. In order not to run out of business, every casino has a house advantage on each game. This advantage gives the brand a better chance at winning your money most times you play. It is the order of things, and there is nothing you can do to stop it; that is the only way they won’t run out of business when players are winning too much.

However, the fact that a house advantage exists should not discourage you from gambling. As with other things, there are ways to give yourself a higher chance and place yourself on level ground with these casinos. And individuals who utilise this technique are called advantage gamblers. This overview aims to reveal to you what casino advantage gambling entails, even if you are a new player. Let’s get into it.


Blackjack is a game with subjective playing rules in different casinos. Most brands can eject you from the table if you consistently win too much. It is one reason why blackjack advantage players prefer to shuffle between different casinos. They get to distribute their wins between other brands with very minimal suspicions. Although there are several strategies tested and proven, one is called card counting.

Card counting is a technique that helps you to indirectly know who has the upper hand in the game. It doesn’t involve changing the game or illegally shifting things in your favour; however, it would help you know how much you should risk. If you have the upper hand, you can go all out with your betting amount. However, if things favour the dealer, it is time to reduce the risk. The basics of card counting are to know the card value that favours the player or the dealer.

Nine, ten, and ace, which are higher value cards, favour the player, while two to seven are in favour of the dealer. These higher-value cards allow you to hit a natural faster. And you know what that means? It implies that you get the bank at 2 or 3 odds. It also gives you more splitting chances which significantly favours your game. However, lower-value cards increase the dealer’s chances of getting stiff hands. Get to know also about Parx casino fining first online gaming violation Pennsylvania.

Sports Betting

Sports betting advantage exists in several ways, like fading the public. However, fading the public does not work for every game, and it requires a little research from your end. First, you need games that have a huge favourite to underdog margin. The general public sees it as an easy bank on the favourite in such situations. And while they may be right sometimes, a little research would put you ahead of them most of the time.

Let’s use football as an example. You need to look at past fixtures between the two teams and the overall results. Present form considerations are also important in your research. Statistics show that some big teams have poor records against certain weak teams, and it continues that way most times. When you find such games, the best bet is to place a small bet on the smaller team.

Sports betting advantage gamblers also use the totals option more frequently in basketball and football. Most bettors don’t realise that totals are one of the few options that allow you to stake without predicting the winner. You can choose to bet on goals, fouls, or other factors surrounding the game and not depend on the winner. And since you are not mandated to predict accurate numbers but only a range, it makes things easier. These supposedly little things put sports betting advantage gamblers above others.

Does Advantage Gambling Work in Online Casinos?

From the explanation, advantage gambling may seem like a brick-and-mortar technique alone; however, you can also use it in the online space. Online casinos offer several bonuses and incentives, and you can use them to your benefit. Popular online bonuses that advantage players use are:

  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Cashback Offer
  • Free Bet
  • Reload Bonus

Advantage players can always reverse engineer most of these bonuses to make it work for them. One popular way is also matched betting. Matched betting involves signing up on a betting exchange and a sportsbook that offers free incentives like a no deposit bonus. Then with a matched betting calculator, find an event that will yield huge gains. On the sportsbook, use the free incentive to place a bet. On the exchange lay the same bet. That way, you are in a win-win situation, and you successfully gamed the system.

Is Advantage Gambling Illegal?

As much as casinos don’t like advantage gambling, it is not illegal. However, some brands may specifically enforce rules against these strategies. The reason for such implementations is that casinos are built for profit, and if they find out that they are not making money from you in the long run, they don’t like it. The game is rigged in their favour, and they don’t like to see any player gaming the system. And if they find out, they may try to intercept such players as soon as possible.

Most casinos are indifferent about finding such players in poker games. If they fish out a card counter in games like blackjack, such players will most likely get kicked out. The game rules especially allow the brand to eject players from the table, and it is their way out. But for games like poker, advantage gambling is more favourable. In poker, rather than playing against the house, you are squaring against other players.

So the casino has nothing to gain from you winning a poker game because you are not winning from them. Instead, you are winning from other players. They only generate money from poker games with commissions and fees on the players. So they are more than happy to see the winner so that they can take their fees.

Wrap Up

If you want to last in the game, you have no choice but to learn one or two advantage gambling techniques. But if you are going to count cards, you must learn how to get away with it and shuffling between several casinos. That is the only way advantage gamblers manage to keep up with it without getting bans. A good starting point to being an advantage gambler is knowing what house edge entails; then, you would figure out how to play your advantage.❧


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