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An In-Depth Look at Cancer Insurance Policies

Cancer is a dreadful disease that takes a long time to treat; therefore, your standard health insurance might not be enough to deal with the medical expenses required to treat cancer. Since several conditions can trigger cancer, including family history and lifestyle choices, it’s essential to stay alert and get insured in the unfortunate event of this disease striking one of your family members.

However, many different cancer insurance policies in the market may amaze you. Let’s understand how you can choose the one that delivers maximum benefits for the premium you pay. Let’s look at a few features of a cancer insurance plan.




Comprehensive Cancer Coverage Across Stages

Once diagnosed, the insured gets comprehensive coverage for cancer at all stages of the disease. The cancer policy covers major expenses from ambulance charges to hospitalization, daycare treatment, donor charges, surgeon’s fees, room rent, and all treatments and procedures.

Cover for Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

Cancer insurance provides complete coverage for expenses related to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. These are crucial procedures in cancer treatment, and your policy will cover the expenses up to the sum insured.

Lifelong Renewability

Cancer insurance policies come with lifelong renewability, so once you opt-in and as long as you keep paying your premium on time, your policy will provide coverage benefits for the rest of your life. So, you can rest assured that your policy will take care of all the expenses if you ever need coverage for cancer treatment at any age.

No Upper Limits on ICU Charges

Cancer policies often have no caps on the ICU charges. Since different hospitals have different charges, the per-day cost of ICU varies as per a hospital’s reputation and level of medical services on offer. No upper ceiling on ICU charges leaves you free to choose the hospital as per your wish without worrying about the ICU charge, as the policy covers these charges up to the sum insured.

Annual Health Checkup

Annual health checkups are a sure-shot way of staying ahead of the curve to ensure good health. Any underlying conditions can be diagnosed early on and allow you to take the proper course of action to rectify any conditions that might potentially turn into something serious later on in life. Cancer insurance policies give you access to free annual health checkups once every policy year, giving you an in-depth look at your health condition.

Access to Second Opinion

It’s always wise to get a second opinion if you have a serious health condition. A few cancer insurance providers give you this additional perk of getting expert advice if you are not satisfied with your first doctor’s opinion. Based on the recommendations, you can then decide which treatment options would be the most suitable for you.


Availing of the Right Cancer Care

Care Health Insurance is one of the most reliable health insurers offering comprehensive cancer insurance coverage among several cancer insurers. Their cancer plans cover end-to-end cancer treatment-related costs from pre and post-hospitalization expenses to ambulance and therapies. Under their coverage, you can get access to more than 19000+ healthcare providers across the country, promising access to quality healthcare. They are one of the leading insurance service providers with an industry-leading claims settlement ratio of 95.2%, backed by an in-house claims process team that assists in record time. So, in case you have been on the lookout for the ultimate cancer insurance, then do check them out.

Cancer is not only a serious illness that spells disaster for one’s health, but the cost of treatment is high, and it’s a long road to recovery. Without insurance, all of your life’s savings can quickly wipe out, leaving you in a debt trap. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have adequate cover should you ever need it.


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