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Video Marketing for Your Small Business: Clothing Boutiques


How do you, as a boutique or clothing store owner, compete with your rivals in the market? The answer to this is simple: with clear and crisp videos!


A well-researched and thoughtful video marketing campaign can do wonders for your brand. You get an opportunity to show off your wonderful clothing collection to a wider audience. With videos, the ideas of content creation are just limitless. You can create a product featuring videos or you can create videos with exclusive fashion tips or you can also try to showcase the beautiful stock that you have right now. Not only that, videos give your customers the confidence to click that buy-now button.


This article will share the steps (along with some pro-tips) on how video marketing can change the game for your small business of clothing boutiques.


But first, let’s have a clear understanding of what video content marketing is and how it works.


  • What video content marketing is: This involves using videos to promote and tell people about any particular product or service. It helps you in gaining more engagement across all your social profiles.


  • How it works: You can run paid advertisement campaigns across your social handles or you can gain organic growth by following the latest trends and engaging more with your audience.


  • Why it works: Using video marketing as a part of marketing strategies has been gaining a lot of traction. Surveys say that videos significantly help businesses – here are the stats:
    • 70% more brand awareness
    • 51% more traffic
    • 34% increase in sales


The numbers do convey why video marketing for business is worth giving a shot.


Let’s now check how it can help your clothing brand scale greater heights.


  • Make your clothing lively: It would be so boring to just see a dress hanging on a hanger. Moreover, it is not easy for the customer to understand how it looks when someone is wearing it. You have to make your customers visualise how they will look in that dress. This is the point where a video changes the game! Create a complete video series trying to showcase how the clothing range looks. You can even try out Etsy videos to showcase your collection in detail. While showcasing your videos, try to keep as much diversity as possible, like how they drape different body shapes and look from certain angles. For customers buying stuff online, videos with these small intricate details are a goldmine.


  • Make it more of a community and less of a product: For someone who is not having great numbers in terms of business or is a small business holder, innovation is your only option to stay ahead of the game. Try hosting regular events and interacting with the community, this will lead you to having an authority in your niche and eventually earning more revenue. You can host fashion shows to show off your clothing collection or you can host events that are helpful for the community. For instance, you can conduct a live session where you can discuss how dressing style and sense are important and how your brand helps achieve it effortlessly.


  • Editing can do magic: No matter how strong and influential content you create, if you can’t edit the video well, you will fail to convey the message. You don’t have to edit the video with high VFX and animation, just making it crisp and clear will get the job done. There are many video editor platforms to do basic editing.


  • You can’t win the game alone: Team up with other small fashion designers – it is a complete win-win scenario. You have nothing to lose, really. All of you can work behind the scenes to bring forth new collections and videos. In this process, both the brand and the designer will get to reach out to more and more people and the brand will get the extra advantage of a new and fresh collection. In this scenario, you can also create a “behind the scenes” video where you can show how the designs are created at the back of the stage, and how you brainstorm your ideas. The audience loves these types of videos.


  • Influencer marketing is the next best thing for you: Reach out to various content creators on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube and try to convince them for a collab or try to onboard them for a paid marketing campaign. Influencer marketing is a huge industry and if used with the right strategies, this can just be an absolute winner. Spend time on your research to find who will be the best fit before you end up hiring any influencer.


  • Focus more on your differentiating factor: There may be some other businesses that sell similar products at lower prices. At this point, make the differentiating point prominent, to let the customers understand what they get more for the extra charges. You have to make the customers comfortable to pay those extra bucks to you by showing them all the benefits they get from you.


Wrapping up


The fashion industry is indeed saturated. There are huge brands that sell products worth millions of dollars every day. On the other hand, we have sellers who barely close a deal in a day. But, even in this saturated market, a properly strategized video marketing campaign can help you increase sales!


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