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Board to decide if salons and barbershops can serve drinks

By Randy Bell

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Alderman James Lott was sitting in a nail salon in Dallas sipping a Tequila Sunrise while he and his daughter got pedicures when the idea came to him—allowing the same sort of experience in Clinton. Now, he’s working with his fellow Board members to make it happen.


“I thought that would be a great economic development tool to attract potential customers to Clinton, and it would be a good pampering tool just to give something to our citizens,” Lott says.


Lott says he learned that a local nail salon served alcohol to customers about ten years ago, before the City forced it to stop. He’s proposing that a City ordinance be amended to allow customers to enjoy up to two beers or wine coolers at nail and hair salons, spas and barbershops. And to avoid the possibility that someone might try to operate a bar under the guise of a barbershop, Lott suggests that alcohol should account for no more than twenty-five per cent of total sales at any of those businesses.


“We still want to allow our citizens of Clinton a unique experience, but also set some parameters so it doesn’t get too crazy,” Lott says. “You know, sometimes you leave things unchecked, and people take advantage of it. So, we want to make sure we allow people to have fun and enjoy themselves responsibly.”


And he says the businesses will be accountable for any violations of the proposed ordinance.


“We’re going to hold them to same standard we do everybody else, [to] do everything within the legal limits.”


Lott says violators could lose their license to serve alcohol and face criminal consequences.


“There are misdemeanor penalties that can be imposed if they serve drinks to an underage minor or if they have any other nefarious activities going on.”


The Board has discussed the ordinance change at a couple of work sessions but has taken no official action so far.

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