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Smartest Ways to Save on Electricity Bills in Mississippi

The cost of electricity is continuing to rise, and it makes sense that homeowners want to find ways to reduce energy consumption. It helps to reduce the cost of utility bills but also is more sustainable. Fortunately, there are smart strategies anyone can adopt to help them make energy-efficient choices. These choices make homeowners good stewards of the planet while also reducing electricity bills. This article provides you with smart ways to cut your electric bills.

Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances

When you invest in energy efficient appliances, it’s a smart choice that provides you with substantial savings on electricity bills. For instance, hybrid water heaters, as stated by Attainable Home, can decrease electricity usage by 63% compared to traditional water heaters. Modern appliances utilize advanced technologies. An example of a heat pump is it uses technology to heat water while minimizing energy consumption efficiently. Not only do energy-efficient appliances save money by using less energy; they are helpful to the environment. Modern refrigerators and washing machines reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and dependency on fossil fuels and oils.

Conserve Air Conditioning Usage

Air conditioners are prevalent in the United States, with three-quarters of homes equipped with them, as reported by reports by the U.S. Department of Energy. However, they contribute to approximately 6% of the country’s total electricity consumption, costing homeowners roughly $29 billion annually. There are strategies for you to consider that help you save on your bills while remaining cool and healthy.

Consider changing your thermostat by a couple of degrees when you set it. When you leave your thermostat at a moderate temperature, it makes a drastic difference in your energy consumption but doesn’t significantly impact your comfort. You can find a better balance between the two by changing the temperature slightly. A great idea is using a programmable thermostat that you can set to change automatically based on when you’ll be in the space.

You want to ensure your home is sealed and insulated properly. When you seal all the gaps, you prevent heat transfer and reduce the stress on your air conditioning unit. This also makes it more effective. When the weather is nice outside, take advantage of it and open your windows. You can use fans to help circulate fresh air. This is good for your wallet and your health. You may not always be able to do that when living in Tampa, the largest city in the Tampa Bay area.

Unplug When Not in Use

It may surprise you to find out how small changes can make significant savings. There are a good amount of devices that continue to consume energy even after you turn them off. You should consider unplugging electronics and appliances when not using them. Another option is to plug your devices into power strips that have on/off switches. You can easily turn off power to multiple devices by flipping the switch. When replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs, it provides cost savings. LED bulbs produce less heat, last longer, and use less energy. When you use your washing machine or dishwasher, you should wait until you have a full load. When you use these appliances with smaller loads, it wastes significant amounts of water and energy. You should also consider using cold water for your laundry as much as possible. It takes a substantial amount of energy to heat the water to wash your clothes.

Taking these simple steps helps to reduce the cost of your electric bill and can also help you improve your health. When you make small changes in your daily habits, you can reap significant rewards.

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