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What Mississippi Residents Need to Know About Addiction and Treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction is a problem everywhere, with severe consequences for addicts and their families. If you live in Mississippi, you may wonder the degree to which addiction is a problem there. In a 2010 survey, almost 7% of Mississippians reported using illegal drugs. As of 2022, over 700 people in Mississippi had died of a drug overdose.

Addiction: Definition and Results

Addiction is a dependency on a substance or activity to the extent that the substance becomes increasingly important to you. Addicts prefer their substance to other activities or substances. Addicts continue to use their substances in increasing amounts despite the harm they may realize it causes them.

Addiction can cause many consequences. The addict’s increasing need for the substance can cost the user a fortune. The dosage of a substance could advance until its cost exceeds the addict’s income and prompts the addict to commit crimes to pay for the substance. When compelled to acquire their substance, they may cheat their families, their jobs, and their friends.

Addiction: Who is Susceptible?

People of all ages, races, and income groups can become addicted to drugs or alcohol. There is evidence that genetics influences whether someone becomes an addict. According to Freedom Recovery, the tendency for addiction to be inherited is estimated to be between 40-60%. Further investigation into that statistic reveals that while alcohol addiction is 50% inheritable, addiction to other drugs is 70% inheritable.

Statistics show that people with mental health disorders – like depression or bipolar disorder – are more likely to be addicts. One source of drug addiction can occur after someone is prescribed pain pills after an accident or surgery. When people take prescribed painkillers, they can become addicted – leading to unwanted consequences of addiction.

Addiction: How it Affects Others

Addiction causes mental, physical, and financial changes in an addict’s life, including changes in the addict’s behavior. Desperation to get their substance causes lying to family members. Addiction often causes irritability or impatience with the people addicts love. According to the National Library of Medicine, the nation’s increase in anxiety and alcohol abuse is significant in the rate of divorce.

Addiction to alcohol and other drugs can also lead to legal consequences. If an addict steals and is caught, they will face justice for those charges. When addicts drive, they can cause damage to their cars and may hurt themselves or someone else. DUI (driving under the influence) is one of the most common criminal law offenses.

Addiction: What is the Solution?

Many addicts have found the ability to recover – and regain their lives. Although mental health experts agree that addiction treatment can’t be called a ‘cure’, a successful addiction recovery facility can allow an addict to find a way to live without using their substances. To find a facility, check your health insurance plan. Your health insurance plan may cover the cost of a rehabilitation program and help facilitate your admission to the program.

Before you can enter a rehabilitation program for recovery from addiction, your body has to be free from drugs. You will, therefore, have to go to the hospital for a medically supervised detox program. When you get to the rehab facility, they will support you as you participate in individual and group therapy as you learn to live without your substance. Recovery can be difficult in many ways, but the reward of taking your life back is worth all the effort.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol can cause chaos in anyone’s life. If you live in Mississippi and want to recover from your addiction, you can choose between 98 rehab centers throughout the state. 5 The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association (SAMHSA) is a branch of the US government that provides a 24-hour hotline for information and referral services to those with addiction or other mental health issues.</p>

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