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Civic Corner: Nov 7 Meeting Recap

Ricki Garrett alderwoman at large

     The Board of Aldermen met this week to address a variety of issues for the City. Following the approval of the Consent Agenda, the Board heard from Public Works Director, Philip Lilly. Director Lilly reported that Clinton’s Clean Up Day had been very successful with 10.1 tons of chemicals brought in and many compliments offered for the work of the Public Works employees. Director Lilly asked that leaves be bagged before being put out for pickup. He also mentioned that there had been a slight slowdown in work orders being completed, but they are working diligently to improve completion of those.

     Alderman Robert Chapman brought forward a nomination of Rob Logan to serve as his representative on the Planning and Zoning Board. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously by the Board.

Rob is a frequent attendee at Board work sessions and Board meetings.

     The Board approved an agreement between the City and Labor Finders for the purpose of getting more employees for the Public Works Department. The Board also approved the expenditure of $19,172.00 to repair the leaking water valve at Storage City and $11,500.00 for the McRaven Road drainage repair.

Approval of a checking account for funds from House Bill 603 for Phase II of the 80/20 Project was also approved. Ward 4 Alderman, Chip Wilbanks, who serves on the 80/20 Committee, shared that the project is moving forward, and developer Ben Walker concurred.

     The Board also unanimously approved a motion to close and vacate a portion of a right-of-way and to close and vacate a portion of Alley Way. The developer of Cascades had maintained possession of certain streets in Cascades. The neighborhood had approached the city to accept them as city streets.

The Board agreed to accept them, once certain improvements had been made to them, to bring them in line with city requirements.


     In other action, the Board of Aldermen approved a certificate of appropriateness for an accessory building at 1001 Monroe Street. They also approved a site plan for a sign for Bloom X, a sign for Cafezinho Coffee and a sign for Fountain of Life Baptist Church. An architectural review for Methodist Rehabilitation Center was approved, as well as a conditional use for MTV Solutions, a New England power company that aids during emergency power outages, to store trucks at 1208 Springridge Road.

     Following several months of discussion, the Board also gave approval to determine whether certain amendments shall be made to the City of Clinton Zoning Ordinate as it relates to commercial farming.

These include definitions of hog farm, feed lot, and poultry farm.


     Mayor Phil Fisher, Ward 4 Alderman Chip Wilbanks, and Ward 2 Alderman Jim Martin have worked with the Central Mississippi Planning and Development District to develop two more re-districting maps for the Board to consider. Maps 8 and 9 are now on the table for further discussion and consideration.


     I want to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving. We have much to be thankful for in our city, state, and country, particularly during some very stressful times in other parts of the world. Thank you to those who voted in our recent elections, despite some very unnecessary glitches. Congratulations to our new Representative, Clay Mansell, and to the other newly elected officials.

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