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Retro Games Are Making a Comeback

gaming consolesWith so many people stuck at home these days, its not surprising that there has been a surge in video game sales. What is surprising, though, is how many retro games are coming back into the spotlight. Perhaps its because so many of us are experiencing nostalgia for our youth, for days when life was simpler. A good many of us are looking to escape reality, but we don’t necessarily want to play games that involve modern warfare, or games that look too eerily similar to real life. And we don’t necessarily want to play games that require us to commit to hours, if not days and weeks, of gameplay. The games that are coming back are the ones that remind us what it is to just have fun. They have not quite so perfect graphics, not quite so complicated controls, and not quite so much realistic violence.


The retro comeback can be felt across the whole spectrum of online gaming. In online casinos, for example, more and more people are playing bingo. Bingo games are being given their own tab alongside slot games and table games. Sites solely dedicated to bingo are thriving. For a long time, bingo was considered an old-fashioned game. Why the sudden resurgence? Perhaps its because an older generation have finally found their way to real money casinos? Or perhaps a new generation have found their way to bingo simply because they needed a break from the modern, hyped-up slot games? Whatever the reason, if you look at a real money casino site like, you’ll see more bingo games on offer than ever before.

Classic Characters

It could be argued that classic games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong and Sonic have never gone out of style. Every time a new gaming console is released, a new game featuring the characters that we know, and love, is sure to follow. The Pokémon GO craze is proof that modern technology can breathe new life into classic 90’s heroes. But even though we can find these old favourites in new and exciting games and play them on gaming consoles that offer incredible graphics and intuitive gameplay, we still find ourselves looking back in time. So much so, that if you happen to have a retro gaming console in good condition, you could probably sell it on eBay for an absolute fortune.

The Console Revival 

Nintendo have never been slow on the uptake, and they quickly realised that this level of nostalgia could be lucrative. You can now purchase a new version of the NES classic console that comes with 30 classic games. Games like The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Pac-Man, and Tecmo Bowl have all been digitally remastered to make them suitable for modern TV screens. The console has been technically upgraded, but it looks exactly the same as it did when it was first released, and the controls work in the same way. SEGA have done the same thing with their SEGA Mega Drive Mini. It features 40 original games plus two new titles. You’ll find retro Sonic the Hedgehog alongside Ecco the Dolphin, Gunstar Heroes, and Tetris.

A New Generation of Fans

Another reason that these games are returning in all their former glory is probably because a much younger generation of gamers is on the rise. Mario, Zelda and Sonic have a new generation of fans. And parents, especially Gen X parents, are a lot more likely to sanction retro games like these rather than let their kids play violent war games, or fantasy-style multi-player games that take up too much time and expose them to strangers online. Plus, Gen X parents are probably buying retro consoles specifically to share their own childhood memories with the kids. It’s something of a return to innocence, and we’re happy to embrace it. 


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