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Chapman and Morton to meet in Ward 3 runoff

By Randy Bell

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A runoff on August 23 will determine who serves as the new Ward 3 alderman in Clinton. Robert Chapman led the field of five candidates in the August 2 special election, with 44 per cent of the vote. He’ll face Ronnie Morton, who got 27 per cent. A little more than 100 votes separated the two candidates.


Chapman is the public information officer and webmaster for the Clinton Public Schools.


“I’m really excited about going into a runoff,” Chapman said. “I feel very confident that we can continue this push toward the revival of what Clinton has been and what it can be, moving forward with positivity.”


He said he was pleased with the voter turnout in the special election.


“Ward 3 showed that they cared, showing up, voting, making their voices heard,” Chapman said. During the campaign, he said he talked with a lot of people about issues, including internet accessibility, drainage systems and sewer infrastructure. And he believes he’s well prepared to make decisions on City business if he wins the runoff.


“I keep up with the Board meetings on Facebook. I watch them. I read the things that come out on the website. I understand where our community is, and I understand where we want our community to move to [in] the future.”


Morton, a local attorney, said he started the race “as an underdog,” not nearly as well known as Chapman.


“We’re just pressing the flesh and talking with people,” he said. “That’s the strategy.”


He said he appreciates the support he received on August 2.


“I’m just grateful for the people who showed up, the people that placed their trust and faith in us. And I hope we can get those people back out to the polls and continue to get our message out for the next election.”


He said issues that have resonated with the voters include maintaining quality police and fire protection.


“There’s also a lot of strong feeling about improving the city to be more attractive and more affordable for young families, young professionals and older families that are relocating, as well.”


Morton said, if he’s elected, he’ll be up to speed quickly as the newest member of the Board of Aldermen.


“With the nature of what I do, the training that I’ve had and the nature of my experience, I absolutely would be able to hit the ground running,” said Morton.
Gary Rosamond finished third in the special election, with 14 per cent of the vote, followed by Reggie Walker, with 10 per cent, and Chris Hughes, with five per cent.


The Ward 3 post has been vacant since the death of Alderman Bill Barnett in June.


The Ward 3 runoff election will be held on August 23.
Only residents of Ward 3 vote.


Polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. at the Parks and Recreation administration building at Traceway Park.


Ward 3 residents who qualify to vote absentee can already do so at the City Clerk’s office at 530 Brighton Park Drive. The City Clerk’s office will be open from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday, August 20, for the final day of absentee voting in the runoff election.

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