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Focus groups to begin developing ideas for park project

By Randy Bell

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All Clinton residents will get an opportunity to have a say in what happens with the 84-acre park the City plans to build south of I-20, but the initial input will come from several small hand-picked groups who will be meeting the week of October 10 with the Design Workshop/Native Habitats consultants hired to develop the park concept.

“They’ll start talking about what do we need to do and what should it look like,” said Mayor Phil Fisher. “Everything is on the table.”

A community-wide meeting is planned October 25 to gather more recommendations, and Clintonians will be able to participate in person or via Zoom. Fisher said, after that, the consultants will begin sketching out ideas and will come back early next year with a preliminary concept.

“I’m not in a hurry on this,” Fisher said. “I would rather take an extra six or eight months and do it right and have a goal that everybody’s good with than to hurry to get through something.”

Fisher said people need to understand that the nature-oriented park is unrelated to the recent vote in favor of a two per cent restaurant tax to pay for park improvements. More public meetings will be held next year to determine how that tax revenue should be spent.

Exactly how the eighty-four acres will be used remains to be seen, but the mayor said an RV park will be part of it.

“It’s just too big an opportunity, with the Trace being here, for us to miss that. I don’t view an RV park as being something the City would run. This would be a private sector thing.”

He said it would attract visitors from across the region and benefit tourism areawide.

“I’m interested in having a place for RVs to park, unhitch their car and drive from Jackson to Vicksburg and all points in between while they’re here, eat and stay in Clinton and generate some income for us.”

Park input meetings:

Week of October 10
Hand-picked focus groups

October 25
Community-wide meeting,
in person or Zoom


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