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Civic Corner: Board of Aldermen Recap – October 4, 2022

Ricki Garrett alderwoman at largeBy Ricki Garrett, PhD, Alderwoman at Large

The Board of Aldermen meeting on September 20 was fairly short, following a three-and-a-half-hour work session on Monday evening. Our Department Head Report was presented by new Director of Parks and Recreation Courtney Nunn, who highlighted the Halloween activities coming up in Clinton.

Alderman Ward 4, Chip Wilbanks made a motion to use the remaining $200,000+ funding, left from the one million dollars provided by the legislature for Northside Drive paving, for decorative street lighting on the Arrow Drive walking trail. Ward 2 Alderman Jim Martin expressed his belief that the Board should use it for additional paving. The motion passed on a five to two vote, with Ward 6 Alderman James Lott also voting no.

The creation of the Clinton/Raymond/Bolton Wastewater Authority moved closer to fruition with the authorization for the Mayor to sign a required petition. The development of The Village at 80/20 on the corner of Interstate 20 and Highway 80 and Springridge Road also moved forward, with the Board approving the evaluation and determination of the benefits for the City to use Construction Management at Risk Services to support the development of infrastructure. A committee comprised of Laura Jackson and Dr. Lloyd Roberts of Mississippi College, Ward 4 Alderman Chip Wilbanks, Director of Community Development for Clinton Roy Edwards, and Community-at-Large Representative Clay Mansell to the Planning Committee for the economic development of the 80/20 property. The Board also approved the request for qualifications for professional engineering services and for construction management services for the property.

At the recommendation of City Attorney Will Purdie, the Board also approved the appointment of former City Attorney Ken Drehr as Judge Pro Tem for the City.

In Monday nights’ Work Session, the Board discussed zoning issues and the need to be consistent and consider the future of the City’s needs. We also heard from our federal lobbyist, Greg Harper, regarding the Clinton/Raymond/Bolton Wastewater project, and heard from a group of concerned citizens about a lighting issue in Ward 6.

The Board also begun discussion on draft changes to the City’s Personnel Rules and Regulations. These rules and regulations have not been updated since 2012, and our City Attorney will provide the Board with feedback on the proposed changes from department heads and legal experts, including himself.

As the legislative branch of City government, it is important for the Board of Aldermen to establish policy for the City through updated policies and procedures. The role of the Mayor, as the executive branch, is to carry out the policies of the Board of Aldermen.

The Board of Aldermen went into executive session during the Work Session in order to discuss potential litigation. No action was taken during that session.

Finally, the Board of Aldermen are sad to report the resignation of another recently-hired department head, Daniel Lang, director of economic development. This is the third resignation of a highly qualified department head in the last few months.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Space will be provided in each issue of The Clinton Courier to the Board of Aldermen for a recap of each meeting. Aldermen are asked to volunteer to provide this recap for the Courier.


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