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Civic Corner: October 3, 2023 Meeting Recap

Ricki Garrett alderwoman at largeBy Ricki Garrett, Alderwoman at Large


The first action by the Board of Aldermen at our October 3rd Board Meeting was to unanimously approve a resolution recognizing October as Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Everyone is encouraged to wear a pink ribbon.


The Board also approved the consent agenda unanimously.  In further action, the Board accepted a proposal by Hemphill Construction in the amount of $850,000.00 for the replacement of the grit classifier and the ultraviolet disinfection system at the Southside Wastewater Treatment Facility and authorized Mayor Fisher to executive the documents for moving this project forward.  The Board continues to take actions that will both upgrade our existing sewer system and  put into place new infrastructure that will allow the City of Clinton to accommodate expansion and growth.


The Board of Aldermen also approved a conditional use to operate a full-service beauty spa at 484 Springridge Road.  This business will be located in a new business development that has been constructed behind the Waffle House on Springridge Road.


October 3rd was also Neighborhood Night Out in Clinton, and a variety of neighborhoods in the city welcomed the Mayor, Aldermen, and members of the Clinton Police Department to their Night Out events.


The Board of Aldermen brought up several items for discussion at the Work Session prior to the Board Meeting.  Included was a continuing discussion of the re-districting maps.  Mayor Fisher had vetoed the vote of the Board to approve Map 7 in its previous meeting.  Since there was not a fifth vote to override the veto, the Board will now continue discussion of the seven existing maps and the possible creation of an eighth map.  One of the existing maps completely removes three current Alderman from their Wards; one of the maps removes one of the existing Aldermen from their Ward; and two of the maps remove an entire neighborhood from a Ward.  It is hoped that the Board can agree on a map that does not drastically alter the current Ward structure of the city.


In other discussion, Board Members brought forward their concerns about the condition of the landscaping along the Clinton Parkway.  Although it has been known for some time that the sprinkler system on the Parkway was broken, no action had been taken to repair it.  The Public Works Department and the Parks and Recreation Department have begun to investigate the problems and determine what can be done to restore the Parkway’s sprinkler system as well as the landscaping.  Since the Parkway is one of the gateways into the City, it is important that it be in the best condition possible.


The concerns expressed by citizens regarding the condition of the Parkway are an excellent example of the importance of citizen involvement and their willingness to let their concerns be known.  Just in the last week, I received calls about issues ranging from the appearance of the City to neighborhood safety and possible street striping.  We are always appreciative of those calls, and we hope that you will continue to share your concerns with us.  Together we can make Clinton a better, more livable city, and your calls help to move issues forward that are important to you and to your neighbors.

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