Clinton Police Announce Arrests in Metal Theft Ring

Clinton Police announce the arrests of five (5) individuals responsible for an estimated $150,000 in metal theft from a local industrial building.

Beginning the early part of August, 2018, several break-ins were reported at the former Delphi building located at 1001 Industrial Park Road.  Upon investigation, it was determined that suspects were entering the building and removing electrical wiring and other metal property.

On 11-13-2018, at approximately 2039 hours, a CPD patrol supervisor on routine patrol of the building, located two (2) suspects inside the building.  Steven Hampton and Antina Cox were inside the industrial building, believed to have been engaged in metal theft.  Both suspects were arrested on site.

On 11-14-2018, at approximately 1014 hours, a property manager of the industrial property was on scene when he could hear possible suspects on scene.  CPD patrol officers located one (1) suspect inside, James “Ryan” Polk, and a maroon Toyota 4-Runner containing suspected stolen metal property and various other items taken out of the Delphi building.  It was determined that three (3) additional suspects had hidden from the officers however, have been identified.

With the aid of the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office, Joshua Shelton and Krystal Rasnick have been charged and arrested in connection to the break-ins and thefts of metals from inside the Delphi Building.

The amount of metals and damages to the building have been estimated to be at least $150,000.00. Clinton Police noted that each of the suspects have a common trait; substance abuse.

Arrested and charged by the Clinton Police Department:


  • Anita Cox, 42 years of age of Jackson, Mississippi. Charged on one count of criminal trespassing.
  • Steven Hampton, 56 years of age, a convicted felon, a resident of Jackson, Mississippi. Charged on one count of commercial burglary.
  • James Polk, 35 years of age, resident of Jackson, Mississippi. Charged on one count of commercial burglary.
  • Krystal Rasnick, 35 years of age, resident of Flora, Mississippi. Charged on one count of commercial burglary.
  • Joshua Shelton, 40 years of age, resident of Flora, Mississippi. Charged on one count of commercial burglary.


Clinton Police explained how stolen metals are converted into cash using middle men.

Once the suspect steals the metal, they will take it to an individual who carries the metals to a scrap dealer/purchaser.  The courier gets a percentage of the money earned by the weight of the metal property.

Clinton Police explain that most metal theft crimes can be eliminated if scrap yards followed state law and did their due diligence in the purchase of scrap metals.

Clinton Police detectives stated that State Laws (SEC 97-17-71, Mississippi Code of 1972) are specifically designed to prevent stolen metal property from being purchased by scrap dealers/purchasers.  However, some scrap purchasers in the state are not following proper procedure when taking in metal property.

Arrests in an auto theft ring investigated by multiple agencies, including the Clinton Police Department, show malfeasance and a lack of due diligence by scrap metal buyers.

In March of 2018, detectives were noticing that stolen vehicles were being sold as “tin” and the vehicle identification numbers were not being reported and/or were altered as to not flag as stolen item.

Clinton Police are putting metal thieves and unscrupulous scrap metal buyers on notice, stating “these scrap purchasers know who they are and we are watching.”

Approximately one dozen additional suspects have been named and additional arrests are anticipated as the investigation moves forward.

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