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Hinds Soccer Places eleven All-MACCC selections for 2021

Source: Hinds CC Athletics

First Team

Sophomore keeper Dawson Albritton, of Brandon, was named first-team all-state. Albritton was pivotal to the Eagle defense, finishing the season with 27 saves.

Freshman defender Austin Lamb, of Florence, was also named first-team all-state. Lamb finished the 2021 season with one goal, coming against East Central Community College on April 26.

Sophomore defender Lucas Morales, of Chile, rounded out his Eagle career by being named first-team all-state. Morales had the game-winning goal against Holmes Community College on April 16.

Freshman midfielder Satsuki Mori, of Japan, was also named first team all-state. Mori finished his freshman season with nine goals and two assists, totaling 20 points.

Sophomore forward Greg Anderson, of Jackson, was also named first-team all-state. Anderson was the leading scorer for the 2021 Eagle squad as he finished the season with nine goals and four assists, totaling 22 points. Anderson was also named to the All-Region 23 team.

Rounding out the first team all-state honorees is freshman forward Kodai Tanaka, of Japan. Tanaka finished his freshman season with three goals and four assists. Tanaka also joined Anderson on the All-Region 23 team.

Second Team

Freshman midfielder Billy Guevara, of Richland, was named second team all-state. Guevara finished the season with one assist.

Freshman defender Anthony Bunch, of Ridgeland, earned second team all-state honors for the 2021 season. Bunch made appearances in six games while starting five.

Sophomore midfielder Joseph Cumberland, of Gulfport, was also named second team all-state. Cumberland finished his sophomore season with one goal and two assists.

Freshman forward Yuta Yamada, of Japan, was named second team all-state. Yamada rounded out his season with two goals and four assists.

Sophomore forward DJ McElroy, of Richland, rounds out the second team all-state honorees. McElroy played in all 11 games, scoring four goals, and recording one assist.

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