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State v. Frederick Levy Trial

Earlier this week the Hinds County District Attorney announced that the trial of “State v. Frederick Levy, will be tried before Judge Winston Kidd by Assistant District Attorneys Sue Perry and Shaunte’ Washington. The State alleges that Frederick Levy committed the crime of aggravated assault when he brutally bludgeoned and stabbed his wife with a knife causing her to require numerous stitches as well as to suffer from a concussion”
This week, that case did, in fact, proceed to trial. A jury of twelve Hinds County citizens saw and listened to the State’s case against Mr. Levy. They heard the testimony, examined the evidence and weighed the facts as they were presented in court. That jury, based on the evidence, unanimously found Mr. Levy not guilty of all charges against him.
The Office of the Hinds County Public Defender, who represented Mr. Levy, remains committed to working to ensure that the presumption of innocence and constitutional rights of all Hinds County citizens are protected and that every indigent person accused of a crime in Hinds County is afforded his or her day in court and the ability to present their case based on facts and evidence.

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